New York Official Provides Video Clinic on Control and Some Other Items

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Re: New York Official Provides Video Clinic on Control and Some Other Items

Post  whistle_tooter on Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:44 pm

while there are several very good things pointed out in this video, a few of them bothered me.

1. double locked hands call: The situation that he describes as NOT a double locked hands call is exactly what a double locked hands call is. NOWHERE in the rules book does it mention "gaining an advantage" with the locked hands. It simply says locked hands around the body. In the situation that was demonstrated with 3 locked hands call, I would call 1 pt, 1pt, 2pts. The comments about no real advantage gained is wrong in my opinion.

2. Fleeing the mat without actually going out of bounds and scoring occurs. The position of the knees has nothing to do with long as a legal TD occurs, the fleeing can still be called. 7.3.1 situation D in the case book i have with me today (08-09).

3. The situation he discussed concerning a takedown straight to criteria where the official gives a 1-count and then the wrestlers roll out of it and the official waves off no TD. While I agree that there should be no points for the TD, you shouldn't start NF count until control has been awarded and you can't have control unless it is beyond reaction time. I think it's bad mechanics to jump down and start the NF count with no control. His argument is that if control is maintained, you are ripping the top guy out of NF count. I couldn't disagree more. NF shouldn't be counted until control is gained (which is beyond reaction time)...he's not being ripped off at all because he doesn't have that control yet. Patience grasshopper...patience. Wait just a bit an make sure control is established and you will never get into this situation.


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Re: New York Official Provides Video Clinic on Control and Some Other Items

Post  matref0 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:52 pm

1. Agree with the locked hands. We've argued this one several times before. I have a TV for each infraction. I do agree with his advantage point about technical violations, because that is what they create but I don’t know of any interps that have us penalize or not penalize because of an advantage or disadvantage.

2. Not sure what three rules editor from the NFHS he is talking about regarding fleeing because the current case manual has the same interp that you quoted:

7.3.1 SITUATION D: Wrestler A attempts a takedown at the edge of the mat. Wrestler B obviously flees the mat as A completes the legal takedown. What points are scored?
RULING: Fleeing the mat is a technical violation and the penalty point shall be awarded in addition to the points for the takedown.

3. Agree. I'm waiting to see if control is established before near fall counting starts. I'm not ripping him off; I'll start counting when there is control. This is similar to his headlock discussion and when control is awarded earlier in the video. He lets it play out and if the defensive wrestler posts something like a leg, elbow or hand, give the two and then pick up a count if he is in criteria. I can also keep a count in my head. Also, nearfall can't be counted until control is established.

4. I also didn't agree with his 5 second count to return the bottom wrestler to the mat if he isn't working. I agree 5-8 seconds is probably long enough, but the determining factor is if the top wrestler is making an attempt. Don't think we need to advertise a set time standard for this, we've been trying to get away from that for years. Too many coaches think there is a 5 second rule, but there isn't one in this situation.

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Re: New York Official Provides Video Clinic on Control and Some Other Items

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