NFHS Rules/Case Books Now in App Format

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NFHS Rules/Case Books Now in App Format  Empty NFHS Rules/Case Books Now in App Format

Post  matref0 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:22 pm

$5.99 for iPhone or iPad and also available at the Android marketplace. They are functional and handy. I've shown to several coaches and they have purchased and like them.

The NFHS, in partnership with Arbiter Sports, is now making the NFHS rules content available for mobile devices. The rules apps combine the NFHS rules and case material (if applicable) into one searchable reference tool. The rules and case plays are also cross-linked to make the new apps a very power tool for coaches, officials and players. To purchase the apps visit the Google Play market for Android users or iTunes App Store for Apple devices.

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